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Hammock Bag DIY Kit
Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have already made Hammock their go-to bag.
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Try to craft a thoughtful gift instead of purchasing one

Not only will your presents be unique and thoughtful, but also practical and useful, everyone will happily accept them. Craft bag with our DIY bag kits now!

Pre-cut & Pretreated

All the DIY kits have been precut and punched by the professional and exquisite process.

Easy to follow tutorial video

Step by step tutorial video, even a beginer could make a beautiful bag.

Come with everything you need

Craft from home with everything you need included in the kit.

Want some customized design?

We offer personalized service. Add unique designs to your bag, e.g. name, vows or image.

Like our kits but want us to handsew them for you?

We offer all of our kits in made to order finished products if you would prefer us to make it for you. Each product is hand crafted and hand stitched from start to finish by our team.

Choister? Want to get a surprise?

Try your luck! Different surprises, unexpected gifts, just like your good fortune never ends. Open mystery boxes, you will randomly get one brand new kit!