The place where people come to find the next unusual thing. Gift for you, gift for her, gift for sewing lovers. I really think that handmade gifts are better. They say ‘I cared enough to spend time to make this for you!’

Our Story

It all began with a thought, handsew a unique leather tote bag as birthday gift for my girl, Arabela.

"This will be easy!" I thought...

I quickly found that getting started in leather craft was not as simple as I'd like it to be. Or cost effective. And the birthday party was coming, I didn't have much time. However, I persevered, and after countless trips to the leather store and a significant amount spent on equipment, tools, and leather we had finally crafted the tote bag!

Although it was a belated gift, my efforts paid off! Arabela was surprised and moved. Nothing happier to me!

Strong feelings of that stimulated my imagination. I want to make leather craft simply, enjoyment but full of love and heart!

That's why I found POPSEWING®.



Founder and Maker

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What we do?

Now, POPSEWING®️ offers high quality DIY bag, purse kits and handicrafts, helps you sew exquisite, handmade, leather tote, backpack, shoulder, crossbody bags, purse at home. We believe in continuous innovation and evolving to meet modern customer expectations.

Why we do?

Every handcraft has a unique and magnificent story, we are tired of fast fashion and want to create something that allows us to enjoy our time, to relieve our stress and emotions.

Our vision

To become an international brand synonymous with craftsmanship. And we hope everyone can complete an unique leather gift easily but full of love and heart!

Customers care

Fast response / Free shipping / Free step by step tutorial video.

Whether a gift for you or a gift for someone else, POPSEWING®️ have something for you.