10 Fun Homemade DIY Projects for Kids - and Their Parents

As kids are grow up and becoming more independent, their interests diversify, and parents sometimes may find it becomes more difficult to connect with their kids. At this point, finding a new hobby that you could share with your kids becomes vital for you to cross the gab and strength the bond.

Leather sewing kits and easy leather projects can be the fun DIY projects that you can do with your kids. I recommended them not because they are just fun to do, but these projects will help developing valuable lifelong skills and the results just will turn out useful and beautiful. Even for boys who tends to more like video games will find the charm of a leather sewing kit.

But if you've never done any leatherworking, you may concern where you and your kids should start. Today I've got you covered. Some of them I've gift to my friends and their kids, and even some I've made with my adorable niece (Yup, I don't have kids😂), all of which can be a wonderful family activity or holiday present for kids or, of cause, their parents. To get started, simply keep scrolling.

 Sailor Moon Crossbody Bag DIY Kit | $59.99

Honestly, I want this anime bag for myself, too.

PU leather DIY dinosaur crossbody bag kit for kids

Kid's Dinosaur Bag DIY Kit | $39.99

You can bet this is on every kid's wish list. With tools and detail instructions, it deserves a chance!

Cute panda wallet & purse DIY kit for kids

Kid's Panda Coin Purse DIY Kit | $37.99

Leatherworking teaches your child valuable skills that they may not get otherwise. And the result turns out great!

Pink Leather Cute Animal Crossbody Bag DIY Kit

Crossing Flying Pig Bag DIY Kit | $56.99 - $57.99

When you and your kids are doing the sewing work, be sure to make it fun and don't stress too much.

Blue Bear Backpack for kids | DIY Leathercrafts - POPSEWING

Kid's Little Bear Backpack DIY Kit | $60.99

This is one of my favorite gifts to give.

Brown Bear Leather Crossbody Bag for Kid

Kid's Brown Bear Crossbody Bag DIY Kit | $59.99

It's important to teach your kids to work safely with their kits. Enjoy it, and don't get hurt.

 Leather Lovely Bee Crossbody Bag for Kids DIY Kit

Lovely Bee Crossbody Bag for Kids DIY Kit | $48.99

Well, this is just adorable.

Leather Gingerbread Man Crossing Phone Bag DIY Kit

Gingerbread Man Crossing Bag DIY Kit | $55.99

I bet you have had a good gift idea for Christmas this year when you see it. 😉

Leather Marvel Iron Man Keychain DIY Kit

Leather Marvel Iron Man Keychain DIY Kit | $32.99

Kids are going to love to make their own avenger pendants and show off to their friends.

POPSEWING™ Leather Girls Bowknot Handbag DIY Kit

Girls Bowknot Handbag DIY Kit | $65.99

You can't go wrong with a pink bowknot bag - at any age


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