Basic Leather Care Tips for Your Dirty Bag

If you’re like most people, you have at least one leather bag that’s seen better days. It might be a little bit dirty, or it might be stained with ink or grease. Between all the coffee spills and street dust, it can be tough to keep your bag looking clean and new.

Dirty leather bags can be a real pain to clean, but with a few simple tips, you can keep your bag looking as good as new. With a little bit of regular care, facilitated by the basic leather care tips we’ll be sharing, you can keep your bag in great condition for years to come.

No matter what the issue is, don’t worry because we are here to help. Here are a few basic leather care tips for your dirty bag.

How Do Leather Bags Get Dirty?

Leather bags can get dirty for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most common reason is that leather is a natural material and it absorbs oil and grease from our hands and skin. Over time, this will cause the leather to become darker and more stained.

Another common reason leather bags get dirty is because they come into contact with dirt, dust, and other pollutants in the air. These particles can settle on the surface of the leather and create a gritty texture. They can also cause the bag to become discolored over time.

Finally, leather bags can also get dirty from spills and accidents. If you ever spill coffee or any other type of liquid on your leather bag, be sure to clean it up as soon as possible. The longer the liquid sits on the leather, the more likely it is to cause damage.

Basic Leather Care Tips for Dirty Bags

Now that we know why leather bags get dirty, let’s discuss how to clean them.

The first step is to identify the type of leather your bag is made from. Not all leathers are created equal, and some leathers are more delicate than others. If you’re not sure what type of leather your bag is made from, you can check the label or contact the manufacturer.

Once you’ve identified the type of leather, you can determine the best way to clean it. Here are a few general tips.

Contain Items Inside

It is easy to just chuck the things we need into our bags. However, if you want to care for your bag, then you must make sure that the items inside are properly maintained.

One example here is makeup. The fact that leather can stain easily means that it is a good idea to contain certain items, like makeup, inside the bag. Make sure that they do not spill out and stain the bag.

In order to do this, it may be a good idea to buy separate pouches for everything that can spill inside your bag.

Keep the Bag Dry

It is also important to keep leather bags dry. When leather gets wet, it can stiffen up and lose its shape. This means that you have to be extra vigilant when bringing your leather bag out in the rain or snow.

If the bag gets wet, dry it with some towels immediately. The best way to ensure that leather dries properly is by using a towel or cloth to remove any excess water before hanging the bag somewhere for drying under natural sunlight. It is not advisable to use a hair dryer on it, lest the leather be damaged.

Sunlight ensures that leather dries quickly while minimizing damage through excessive heat. It will eventually dry out on its own over time, but you can expedite the process with sunlight if needed.

Don’t Overdo the Cleaning

Depending on the era that you want to emulate, you may need to look extra hard for certain items and styles to fit your interior design. This means you’ll be spending more time and resources in just locating the item.

Fortunately, there are many catalogs and websites out there that host these items. The unfortunate thing though is that it may cost more money than just buying a normal item. Be prepared to invest in these things.

Seek Professional Care

Lastly, make sure not to scrub leather too hard when cleaning it because this could cause obvious damage like cracking or peeling leather off the body of bag. It may be wise to seek leather cleaning solutions in case your leather bag is extra dirty. These leather cleaners are also advisable if you aren’t exactly sure how to clean leather bags in the first place.

Keeping Leather Bags Clean

Now that we have discussed leather care tips for dirty bags, let’s talk about some tips on how to keep your leather bag clean so you won’t have to worry about it being stained or damaged in any way.

  • When carrying your leather bag around, try not to stuff it with everything and anything inside of it because this can cause unnecessary weight that will put stress on the leather itself.
  • Never use harsh chemicals or cleaning products on leather
  • Always test any type of leather cleaner on an inconspicuous area
  • Use a leather polish to make the leather look shiny again

If you’re not sure how your bag should be taken care of, follow these basic leather care tips. Your leather will thank you!

Preserve the Longevity of Your Leather Bag

After a few months of use, the leather on your bag will start to wear and tear. Instead of spending tons of money on an entirely new leather handbag or backpack, follow the tips above to keep yours looking great.

The best thing to do for any bag really is to make sure that it doesn’t get dirty in the first place. The truth though is that it is an inevitability.

When that happens, we hope you remember these tips and get your dirty leather bag looking great again.

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