Different Types of Leather Used for Handbags

Handbags are an essential accessory for any lady. With so many styles and colors to choose from, it can be hard to make and find the perfect one.

In terms of materials though, leather is a popular choice among handbag designers. However, there are many types of leather that can be considered when making handbags.

Leather is a natural and versatile material that can be used for many different purposes. It’s perfect for making handbags because it’s durable, malleable, and has a beautiful and classic look to it.

There are many types of leathers which have different characteristics such as thickness, weight, water resistance, and so much more.

In order to help you decide and choose the best leather and bag for your needs, we’ve compiled some information on the different types of leather used for handbags.

Why is Leather Ideal for Handbags?

Leather is often chosen as the material for handbags because it has a natural thickness and weight. It’s also durable and can withstand wear and tear, making it a perfect choice for everyday use.

Leather is also a very malleable material which means it can be easily molded into different shapes. This is why it’s used to make handbags of different styles, colors, and sizes.

Unlike other materials that may not last long or are more difficult to work with, leather is easy to cut into different shapes according to what is being designed with it. This allows for many varieties of bags in terms of style, size, shape, and color.

Finally, leather has a classic and luxurious look that never goes out of style. The various types of leather, as well as the versatility of the material, allows for the look and feel of the bag to be customized as well.

Different Types of Leather Used for Handbags


This type of leather is the most common one seen in the market, especially when it comes to stores selling handbags. This is because it’s the best material to use for bags. It has a good thickness which makes it very durable and strong. If you are looking for a handbag that will last, cowhide is the best choice. It’s also cheap but still looks and feels luxurious and high quality.

Cowhide comes in different colors which makes it easy to customize and choose according to your preference and style. It can be dyed to whatever shade you want, making it perfect if you’re looking for a unique bag.

Cowhide is a versatile material. When processed into leather, it can be used as a material for bags, shoes, wallets, belts, and so much more.

Full Grain Leather

This is the most premium type of cowhide leather and it’s the best to use for handbags. It has a thickness and weight that is similar to that of cowhide but it’s also more expensive.

This type of leather is popular because it doesn’t have any imperfections and is very smooth to the touch. It also has an amazing look with the pores of the leather visible, adding to the luxurious appeal.

Another great thing about full grain leather is that it’s environmentally friendly and easily recycled.


This type of leather is made from split cowhide which has had the top surface removed. The underside of this leather has a soft nap that gives it the suede appearance.

Suede is lightweight and thin, making it a perfect choice for clutches or small handbags. It also comes in many different colors which makes it a good option if you’re looking for something unique.

Along with the lightweight nature of suede also comes its softness. This softness is what makes the material very valuable. It allows it to be used for many types of products.

Faux Leather

This type of leather is usually made from polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, or other man-made materials designed to look like real leather. This material is ultra thin making it a great option for clutches or small handbags. It’s also easy to care for and can be wiped clean with just a damp cloth.

Faux leather has many advantages. As opposed to real leather, it is very easy to maintain faux leather. It is resistant to cracks and fading. Most important of all, it is quite easy to work with. The ease of use allows it to be stitched together without much problems.

Top-Grain Leather

This type of leather has a very smooth and fine grain surface that makes it easily identifiable from other types of leathers. It’s made from the top layer of the hide and has had all the imperfections removed.

This type of leather is perfect for bags that need to be structured and have a solid shape. It’s also water resistant and very durable.

Much like faux leather, top grain leather is easy to work with. It is considered a more supple form of leather. As such, it is easier to manipulate and be used for many kinds of products and items.

Learn the Leathers

The different types of leather will determine the quality and style. Which type do you prefer? Leather is a material that can be used in many aspects of our lives, including handbags.

There are several varieties to choose from, each with their own set of qualities. When choosing your next bag or purse, it’s important to consider what kind of leather you want for his final product as well as how much time and money you have available for its maintenance along the way.

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