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Have you got your bag kits but don't know where to start. Maybe you have
confidence to make a perfect bag but unsure which pieces of leather you should start from? If you want to start sewing, let's talk how to get started. 

Choose your project

Picking a sewing project, this is the fun bit but could also be a difficult choice. To start, it's better give your self some simple kits to make with not too many sections. It is important to nail basic skills to be able to make more complex kits. Don't run before you can  walk!

A tote bag would be a great choice for beginners.

Basic tool kit

 Now you have choose your kit. You may start thinking about what tools you are going to need. Leave it behind! We have prepared basic sewing kits for you. Before you start sewing, let's know all about them.

  • Scissor & clips - Be careful of the shape scissor.
  • Needles and punch
  • Thread - We only choose good quality thread. Make sure they are tough enough
  • Glue - Don't stick glue on your hands or leather. It would be a disaster. 
  • Bonus items that I can't do without - Thimble and Rubber finger cover

    Learn the basic sewing method

    So you pick up what kit you are going to make, you have your tool kits. Next is learning the basic sewing method. Four simple steps to learn it fast!

    • Measure thread - To sew different parts and make it beautiful and neat, we need measure enough thread.
    • Thread a needle
    • Learn the two-needle saddle stitch method
    • Backstitch

      Confused? There is a clear tutorial video for each DIY bag kits. Just touch us!

      Get sewing

      You are now ready to start sewing! Make sure you get yourself plenty of time for your DIY project and complete a plan to get you there. Enjoy your sewing time. It could also be a great activity for family!

      There is so many different style kits you can make it easily after you learn these steps for sewing. You can view more wonderful kits on DIY Handbags By Yourself At Home – Popsewing.

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      • Helen

        I brought two item but iddn´t Get any video how to sewing mini evelyn and Leather Kelly Doll Bag Charm DIY Kit. Can you help to sen a video?
        Regard Helen

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