How I Hand Crafted A Simple Gift That Won Her Heart Back

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How I Hand Crafted A Simple Gift That Won Her Heart Back

If you ‘re looking for a beautiful and elegant gift for your woman, sister or daughter… one that will leave them startled, then this is for you…”


I’m Kevin and I’m 25 years old. I live in New York City where I work as a programmer with a tech firm.

You see, my new job is presently driving a wedge between I and Olivia, the love of my life.

In fact, the last words I heard from Olivia were “Kevin, you’re indeed the man I would love to spend the rest of my life with but there is no way things can work out between us if you don’t have time for me”

And in all fairness, the present project at work is beginning to swallow the whole of me.

I knew I needed to act fast before our relationship totally went south.

Olivia’s birthday was fast approaching and a part of me kept telling me that ‘it’s either you win her heart back or the relationship comes crashing down on that day”

“It is a known fact that women love gifts as they bring about a sense of happiness…”

Therefore, I really wanted to get her a gift that will be very unique. So, I consulted some of my colleagues at work.

After several suggestions, John, the weirdo asked “Would you like to make the gift yourself? Wouldn’t that be awesome!

“Are you for real?” I asked.

Yea, he said. 

He told me that making the gift with my own hands makes it more unique and special than just buying same off the shelf.

Fast forwarded to her birthday, I gave her the beautiful handbag I had made for her.

And she was like ‘Wow, this is nice.

Then in a romantic manner I whispered into her ears “I personally hand crafted it just for you”

No! No!! You must be kidding me, she said.

For real Dear! I know you’re finding it hard to believe. But I did for real babe.

I told her she was all I thought about while making the bag.

Starring at the bag, Olivia became dazed and the long hug she gave me was an assurance that I had won her heart back.

Thanks to the Weirdo in my office who introduced me to the site Popsewing


Popsewing is an online store that provides you with diverse DIY bags – Hand bags, Crossbody bags, Totes bags, etc.

What’s more, each product kit comes with all you need to make something beautiful. From quality leather materials to all the necessary tools you will need.

Then most importantly, the kit comes with a video manual that shows you step by step how to arrive at your unique and classic gift.

Popsewing is that place where you will find gifts that are special and extra unique.

“Asides being able to get these awesome bags from Popsewing, the DIY products on the site provide you with amazing benefits that are second to none…”

  • First, it’s a creative way to catch fun. So, imagine catching fun creatively!
  • DIY projects offer you real, hands-on ways to empower your mind and improve your wellbeing
  • It’s a terrific way to gain new skill or knowledge
  • It improves your knowledge by teaching you something new
  • It also improves your problem-solving abilities
  • It offers you a great way to express your personality

“Imagine that empowering feeling you get while creating something with your own hands…”

More importantly, you might feel you are just getting your love a gift. However, while fixing each piece to another, you will be keeping your mind and body active.

Then again, it’s a great way to distract yourself drowning out the noise around you.

It’s also an amazing way to get yourself out of boredom perhaps you need to lockdown.

You see, DIY projects like this will bring about great bonding between you and your kids. Imagine them trying to guess how each piece fits together before watching the video manual. You will be having so much fun than you thought.

And perhaps you have been looking for a way to reduce your kids’ screen time, then you have a solution already.

All you need do is get them a product kit from Popsewing and watch them have fun.

And don’t forget, hand crafting the bags from Popsewing will help you reduce stress, ward off depression, develop hand-eye coordination, and teach you patience and focus.

Want to give her a surprise, then make this gift for her.

You see, gifts might not be her major love language but you see; women naturally love gifts…even when it is something simple.

You are just a click away from hand crafting that lovely gift for her.

As you click the button below NOW, imagine how you would overwhelm her with this awesome gift.

How Much is it Going To Cost Me?

Ignore the price, a gift made by your hand is invaluable!

That's the value and true meaning of DIY.

Where Can I Buy The DIY Handmade Kits?

You can buy it directly from the Popsewing official website by clicking here.

NOTE: I cannot guarantee inventory at this time.

Here's a tip: DIY handmade sewing kit is a great gift because it will be with heart!

"Remember, I cannot guarantee inventory at this time due to the demand skyrocketing right now. It's been reported a lot of people are buying multiple kits at once to resell them for a profit."
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