The Ultimate Guide to Take Care Your Different Types of Leather Crafts

Every person has at least a few things made from leather. And among them there will surely be such a thing that you value and want to keep it as long as possible. Though you must have read some guide about how to take care your leather bag, 

As genuine leather is an organic material, it needs occasional care and conditioning to keep it looking its best through the years and be able to serve for decades, so we've written this guide on how to take care of leather goods.

Everday Care for Your Leather Goods

General Protection

When working with genuine leather, applying a leather cream or wax is a good idea as it adds a layer of protection to the bag's finish, repelling scratches and scuffs.

A good rule of thumb when caring for any of your leather goods; reapply leather cream or oil every few months, or as needed. And don't forget about the hardware. We used solid brass hardware for our POPSEWING bag kits or leather goods, polish them with soft cloth when you condition it. Do it often and it will look better over time.

Daily Care Tips

  • Scratches are inevitable when you take your leather crafts out but don't despair. There are some quick tips for dealing with small scratches. If your remedies do not work, get help from specialist.
    • Clean the leather
    • Repeat, if necessary
    • Smooth it out with conditioner
  • Never dry wet skin by heating on a battery or using a hair dryer. Only natural and slow drying.
  • Don't overload your leather goods as the leather will stretch and loose shape over time.
  • Direct sunlight will cause the skin to dry out, crack and burn out.
  • When cleaning leather products from dirt, follow the rule - a dry soft cloth is best. Water, soap and cleaning products should not be used.
  • Leather is quite similar to your own skin. Therefore, never store leather items in sealed bags. Usually, special woven storage bags are included with expensive things.
  • The skin is porous, so try to remove the dirt quickly before it penetrates deep. If the remedy does not work, don't try to remove it yourself which may make it worse.

Care Tips for Different Types of Leather

There are many different finishes and types of leather. Although most tips in this guide are general, we also need to aware some special care tips for different kinds of leathers.

Vegetable tanned leather

Vegetable leather tanning is a traditional and premium method which is no harm to health. With proper care vegetable tanned leather could last for decades. We recommend rubbing a leather cream into the leather to restore its lustre. Follow the care tips above is also beneficial.

Vegan Leather

Vegan leather, also known as faux leather, has a plastic coating and as such, requires very little care. It is waterproof and can be cleaned simply by using a damp cloth or some mild cleaning detergent. And there is no need to use conditioning products.

Suede and nubuck leather

Most people commonly get confused with nubuck leather and suede. Nubuck leather is a full grain leather which has been sanded or buffed to give its distinctive appearance and surface, which closely resembles a fine natural velvet. Unlike nubuck leather, suede is made from the lower part of the animal’s skin.

To keep your nubuck leather or suede in peak condition, then preparation is key. For most regular or everyday cleaning - which is usually enough to remove dirt, dust and ‘shiny spots’ - the best approach to cleaning Nubuck leather is with a specially made brush. But don't brush them too much-over-vigorous brushing could end up wearing away the surface of the leather and causing damage.

How to take care your leather bags - POPSEWING™

If possible, you should start protecting your Nubuck leather item as soon as possible after purchasing it. This can be done quickly and easily with an industrial quality waterproofing and stain-resistant spray, which you can buy from local leather store or amazon.

Storing Your Leather Goods

Store your leather bags that you don't use every day in dust bags or your closet. Keep them away from dust or direct exposure of sunlight.

To keep your bag's original shape, fill it with bubble wrap or plain tissue paper before storing it.

Along with our leather care tips, your proper care will keep your leather crafts looking great for years.

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