Summer Is Over. We Have Prepared The First Gift In Autumn For You!


Summer was over, autumn is coming!
Have you received your first gift in autumn?😉
(An Opening gift or birthday gift)


Everyone expect of receiving presents

Why not make a gift with heart for them, instead of buying one

POPSEWING DIY Leather Handmade Kits of Lady Cambridge Style Bag

If you have no idea of choosing what present for them
Come here and check what gift ideas I prepare for you~


Gifts for kids

DIY Handmade Kits of Panda purse

The popular panda purse has adorable pattern.
Kids love the purse so much. Most importantly,
you can enjoy your time with your kids and finish it together.
It will be a great memories
DIY Leather Handmade Kits of Panda Wallet | Semi-finished

 Gifts for Kids over 12

DIY Handmade Kits of Messenger bag

Kids who are over 12 needs a bigger bag,
which has lots of storage for their essentials.
The messenger bag may be carried by hand
or worn over the shoulder.
It would be a perfect gift for older kids

DIY Leather Handmade Kits of Design Classic Saddle Bag

Gifts for the young

DIY Handmade Kits of Cambridge Satchel

(It is also a best gift for you)

This classic Cambridge Satchel in soft leather is
destined to be a wardrobe. Durable, easy to all-match.
No matter you are at work or study, it is a great choice
POPSEWING DIY Leather Handmade Kits of Lady Cambridge Style Bag | Semi-finished

Little surprise in daily life

DIY Handmade Kits of Bunny Keychain

Life needs little surprise. They can make any day unforgettable.
Choose a lovely bunny keychain as a company.
Let it cheer you up every time you see it
DIY Leather Handmade Kits of Rabbit Keychain | Semi-finished


They are more than DIY Leather kits but heartful gifts
for your families, friends and you love.

Don't forget prepare a present for yourself too.

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