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Not long ago

someone asked me: Do you appreciate DIY gift or expensive gift more?

It depends on the person

If that person is matured enough to know the value of care and love behind that gift, you can go for a DIY gift. If he is such a person, then you have to empty your purse to fill his smile.

Here is a good incident from my life


Once I was a little girl, my friend gifted me a wooden beaded necklace which was made it by herself. Kids gift whatever then can. In return I invited her to my home and we ate apple pies together. Worth it :D we have great fun that day.

It's been 12 years since I received it but I like her intention of gifting me something for our friendship so I kept it safe.


After my graduation I had met her in the town and talked about all childhood things like kids. After a while I told her I kept the gift she gifted me. She was shocked because we haven't talked to each other for 6 years. (She moved to different place and I went to near town for my education after school)

Then she opened her wallet and showed me a piece of paper which has names of us with a FRIENDS FOREVER tag line. That was my dirty handwriting on that piece of paper. That was not just a piece of paper, that's our friendship! I was more shocked on that day. 


Since then we exchanged our contact and always keep touch. A piece of paper won't last long. I decided to sent her another gift. After a lot of search, I picked up a DIY leather handmade bag which would last for a long time and I could sew it myself. Fantastic :P

Beautiful bag! There also have a beautiful keychain to match it. She would loves the gift.


“The value of the gift never matters when you gifted a valued person”
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