What We Did To Make A Leather Bag Kit

To make a bag by yourself is like a big challenge and puzzle waiting to be solved, and when you do, the accomplishment and pride in your work is one of the best feelings.

To transfer a idea in your mind to a real bag may take few days or weeks. For beginners, it takes longer to learn to make a bag by themselves and spend a lot of money to buy tools and meterials which may break your buget. Don't give up at the starting point. Rather than stop at the starting point, you can choose a kit which POPSEWING prepared all things you need as a starter to your great craftman's life! 

We do a lot of leather work before we creat these wonderful leather kits. To help you learn more about the process, I introduced these stages we work through.

. Planning and Design

Leather hides aren't exactly cheap, so at beginning the desiger will plan designs ahead to decide what kind of bags people like and they really need in daily life. Some bag kits are inspire from elements of some classic and trendy bags. 

. Pattern Making

For each model designers usually will go back and forth tweaking the pattern to get the shape and size just right. One thing is important when we making patterns. When we gonna sew it up, there are some seams with leather when we sew them together. So when we make it, we need to consider the seam allowances in the location of the stitches and where rivets or hardwears holes need punching. 

. Creation

After we choose what kind of leather we needed, then we will transferr the pattern to leather. According to different usages and needs, we may need a skiving machine thins down the leather or just use right skiving tools to thin down leathers. This allows you to create joins with a consistent thickness when you sew them together. 

Sometimes we also need glue leathers together cause it is not thick enough to make some parts like straps

Then we need use right punch to make stitching seam and holes on the straps. To make leather edges beautiful, we also do the edge sealing step which need  burnisher and edge grinding polish tools.

Now for the best part - sewing leathers together. We usually use the traditional Two-Needles saddle sewing method in our most tutorial videos. It's really a good thing to learn some leather sewing skills here and it makes your seam very strong if you do it properly. We have introduced two different saddle stitching ways in a fomer post which you can find it easily. To this part we need sewing needles, threads, scissors and other tools which we will send them with our leather patterns to help you making your leather bags.


In this post, I just simply introduce a part of works we do to make a leather bag kit and skipping some works like leather making  and pack working. For most beginners, we hope our leather kits could let you find the fun and real meaning of handicrafts. Just click SHOP NOW and enjoy the fun with POPSEWING now!

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