What You Know and don't Know about Hermes

Hermes (Hermès) is one of the world's top luxury brands. The brand was founded in 1837 in Paris, France, with its headquarters located at 24 Faubourg Avenue. In the early years, the founder, Thierry Hermes started as a manufacturer of high quality harness, but now his business has covered bags, leather goods, accessories, silk products, clothing, perfume, watches in all directions, in more than 170 years of development.

In order to maintain the consistent taste and image of the brand, all products are designed in The French factory, the pattern of each store is customized design, the display cases used in each store are customized in the original factory in France, and airlifted to various countries, in order to reflect its insistence of more than 100 years of history.

The leather is selected from designated suppliers, the brand can choose the best quality leather from all over the world, which is an advantage that no other brand can match. In order to circumvent its advantage, Chanel, a rival brand, uses high-quality sheepskin in many of its products.

The variety of leather that Hermes uses.

Togo cowhide: The cowhide most used by Hermes is produced in the Republic of Togo. Due to the special storage for a long time, this kind of leather has a texture similar to deerskin, soft, thick and wear-resistant. The author in the production of the blade has been accidentally scratched to the skin of the example, but the skin was not damaged. The disadvantage is extremely heavy, and must use hard back masts, it is used in big bag more often.


Epsom leather: Stiff and stylish, resistant to scratches and wear, is the main Hermes wallet supplies. Its surface after high temperature hard processing, after high pressure compression thin, light weight, external surface resistance to tension and water, can resist short time high temperature. But its shortcomings are also larger, its backside is very afraid of water, the water deformation is very obvious. In addition, since its surface is very similar with some resin processing leather, we need to carefully observe the texture to identify them.

Swift leather: Soft material, smooth, light weight, but easy to scratch surface. Generally used in the lower price of small women's bags or daily bags.

Box leather: After polishing, it has fine texture and smooth leather surface. Special surface texture internal polishing technology can improve the brilliance of finishing color. In early Birkin and Kelly used this kind of leather, but because its surface is foaming with water and easy to scratch, it has gradually dropped out of the mainstream.

Barenia: Vegetable tanned leather. Different from other plant tanned leather, its plant tanning feeling has been weakened, but the hardness and leather texture are still there. Tensile resistance, it does not burn at high temperature after carbonization. Its disadvantage is easy to deform when exposed to water, the surface is easy to produce scratches.

Sheepskin: The top female goat skin used by Hermes has good softness, strong skin surface texture, good color and strong luster. The disadvantage is that processing is not easy, cutting is easy to skew the knife. Not tensile, deformation is very severe. once the water and external force at the same time, is basically a devastating blow. Do not overstretch the finished product when used.

The Brand uses the following types of special leather.

Crocodile leather: It has three grades. Porosus the highest, comes from Australia and New Guinea, followed by Niloticus from Zimbabwe and Alligator from Florida.

All crocodile leather itself is waterproof, strong and fire-resistant for a short time, but it is best not to be exposed to the rain, as crocodile leather does not good at hanging color, and frequent exposure to the rain will cause discoloration.


Lizard skin: Only Indonesian tropical lizard skin is selected, which has a strong sense of luster, diverse colors, clear and meticulous lines, but poor wear resistance.

Ostrich skin: Produced by young ostrich in central Africa. Excellent softness and durability, distinctive leather features, excellent feel, but because of the short fiber, leather durability will be substantially reduced after being exposed to water. In addition, it is also afraid of light, which will lead to the reduction of grease inside the skin, and also reduce the life span of the skin.

They also produces some special materials.

  • Original PU leather, canvas processed by plant rubber resin, with dirt resistance, waterproof and other characteristics, afraid of cold, afraid of direct sunlight.

  • Made of horse tail hair, sometimes used in matching leather, soft, feel good. Extremely non-fire resistant.

  • Panama material: soft, breathable and suitable for summer use, made from Panama grass produced in Central America. Casual bags and accessories sometimes appear.

Classic Bags

The first Kelly bag was appeared in 1896 and became the most popular one among all Hermes handbag styles. It is sewn by one craftsman from start to finish and marked with the number of the seamer. The premium version has the signature of the craftsman inside. It is not only convenient for customers to repair, but also reflects the pride of craftsmen.

The Kelly bag rose to fame in 1956 when "Life" magazine posted a cover photo of Princess Kelly of Monaco carrying the largest Kelly bag in crocodile leather, to hide her pregnant figure. This photo made the popularity of Kelly bag in a higher level. 

Kelly generally adopts two ways of external sewing and internal sealing. Visually, the inner seal makes the bag look soft, while the outer seam makes the bag look crisp. In use, the inner seal style can increase the internal volume by about 5%. This bag comes with a strap.

Although it is not the most popular handbag, it is the most famous Hermes handbag. Hermes Birkin is named after French star Jane Birkin. The Birkin bag, launched in 1986, was inspired by a chance travel encounter between Hermes's fifth chief executive and French actress Jane Birkin.

Birkin bag is more casual than Kelly bag, material and color selection is larger than Kelly bag. Unlike the Hermes Kelly bag, which has an inside and outside seam, the Birkin style has a hard and soft side.

The normal size of the bag is 35CM, 40CM, which is a large bag in the handbag category. The leather is available in 90 different materials and colors (cowhide, sheepskin, pig skin, as well as the precious crocodile, ostrich and lizard skin). The color is generally bright, easy to match. Birkin bag with double handles, can only carry by hand as there is no harness configuration. Only inseam sewing method is applied.

Constance's design is simple and classic, with great materials and the brand's iconic logo, which can be worn with any outfit. The collection comes in two sizes: a more square version, regular size (Constance 18) and mini size (Constance 14); The other is a longer version (the Constance 23) that can fit a long wallet and is more practical. In terms of material, Constance, like all Hermes bags, uses a variety of rare skins in addition to the regular sheepskin and cowhide, though rare-skinned ones are few for Constance.

The reason for recommending this bag is the rise of retro style and the change of lifestyle. In modern times, when carrying fewer things, large bags are often not suitable.

In an effort to broaden its audience, the casual Garden Party Bag was launched in 1997. This series was aimed at the young group, with its features in various colors, simple styles, large capacity and easy to carry. In order to reduce the price burden of young users, the inner structure was cancelled, but the casualness of placing items was greatly enhanced at the same time.


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