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must do but i have advice

so if your like me and want to try something new please by all means take this chance. so it took me a total of 14 hours. but i’m somewhat easy distracted and i like things to be perfect.
so if you want true advice. the leather sides “bag connectors” fold in half and place it in a book while you sew the first parts.
when attaching the bottom i used a tube of sanitation wipes to loosely hold the shape and sewed top down to make it easier.

next don’t be afraid to reach out to customer support for help i felt like i had stupid questions and they were like no here’s how to do this or here’s what this is for.
now the most important advice. take a break. if you get frustrated like me … (for the people that know or maybe you didn’t have issues with it. the handles.) there was one part i couldn’t rap my head around but i finally got it. take a break in between this is a i get to experience not a i have too.
full transparency this is my first time and i want to do more. maybe someone will hear my prayer and they decide to make a xxl or xl bag. i just like big bags. however i will tell you. i can fit a lot in this bag once completed

if you made it this far in reading my review thank you. however order it. and don’t be afraid. they say you get old when you stop trying or learning new things take a chance!

Beautiful bag

Beautiful bag

good but it's quite challenging for a beginner

the leather smell real and good quality, however, due to the leather type, it's quite hard to aim the sewing hole. Anyway, the result came out really nice and I promise whoever make it your own, you will love it!

Amazing gift for mother

It's easy following the instruction on YouTube, and the result came out fantastic that my mum love it so much. It is a pretty good experience to make a leather goods. Also, the leather is unexpectedly great quality in my opinion.

Strip too short

I got the small one and already sew. It doesn’t state on the description on the site so buyer make sure you ask seller or read review before you purchase. It is too short! If you crossbody it will not be long as the picture show around hip area only at ur waist area! The bag look nice but strap is too too short

So cute!

Love the gold hardware, the stitching. It truly is a quality bag!

Best Purse Ever!

I love this bag. It is just big enough and can be used everyday or for evenings out. This bag is a lifestyle! A must have for any wardrobe and lifestyle.

Great craft time with family!

Instructions were easy to follow making this a fun family activity

Cute project

A bit of a struggle at first, but once got into a rhythm, it went smoothly.

Best decoration.

Very happy with the Christmas keychain decoration. It will look marvelous on our tree this year.

cute but hard

This project is not for large hands.

Very beginner friendly

We loved making these by ourselves. Very good directions and precut holes made it look perfect.

Well-thought-out sewing kit for beginners.

Great project

My daughter loved it she is 11. Made cute little pig. Easy for her to do on her own.


I have made a lot of Popsewing crafts and have given them for gifts which makes me real proud to be a giver.

Just what I was looking for

Good instructions. Kit comes with everything. Very pleased.

Fun craft for kids!

Such a fun kit! My daughter, who is 10, was able to sew this kit independently. She enjoys sewing and the craft was a great opportunity to practice the sewing skills. It has just enough of a challenge to help her grow in her skills yet she could do everything without help. I love that the kit has all the materials needed. Cute product. A great gift.


My 10 year old loves this, we worked together on some stitches.

Great Hand Sewing Projects

It's a great little kit for that purpose or for a fun ...

nice sewing kit

nice sewing kit. detailed instructions

All inclusive. Perfect gift.

I purchased this as a gift for my crafting daughter. She loves sewing and making things by her own. She was tickled when she realized she could make a bag herself. I am positive I selected the perfect gift for her.

Great beginner sewing craft!

This kit was great for beginners. I like that leathers are pre-cut and the holes are pre-punched; that was excellent for the beginner. The instructions are well done as well. I highly recommend this kit!

Excellent fabric doll sewing kit!!

The doll sewing kit is a hit. I have had it in my cart some days and I finally decided to give it a try. It was easier than I thought. Several days worth of sewing the little doll.

Nice sewing kit

We just opened it up and it is missing the thread. I reached out to the customer service and the item missing are being sent. I am happy with the quick and efficient customer service.