Hermes is More than Birkin and Kelly

I introduced Kelly, Birkin and other iconic bags in last week. Let's continue exploring today.

The official states they have 90,000 combinations of different materials and colors, which people may not believe. As a big brand, do they really need to be such detailed? I mean, they can totally raise the brand by these iconic styles, right? That is putting the cart before the horse. Hermes has become a leader in leather goods in the luxury empire for its meticulous attention to details, and it has never looked down on new designs beyond its main line. In this blog, we take a look at some other members of the family besides Kelly and Birkin.


Evelyne: The representative of comfortable everyday bag

Evelyne III's selling point is quality and fashion. Its edge treatment eliminates both inseam and edge burnish, avoiding the damage that can easily occur with edge wear and edge beeswax peeling. Instead, the edge is fully wrapped by leather, and wrapping leather for edges after stretching minimize the wear rate. They will also use very wear-resistant Bahania leather as the edge material in some cases. Over time, this material will also develop natural rich patina, which is impeccable material for durability and beauty. The actress Kate Walsh said in an interview that Evelyn bag was her first choice when it came to heavy lifting, and her Evelyn had been carried for ages with no sign of damage. This interview perfectly proves the toughness and firmness of Hermes Taurillon Clemence leather.

Comes to Evelyn bag, the brand pays attention to the thinking characteristics of fashionable women. The design of the bag is very simple with dynamic rounded rectangular silhouette, and candy colors attract more attention of passers-by. In front of the bag, by adorning the iconic perforated ‘H’ initials, it not only announces the identity of the bag but also reduces the sense of showing off. At the same time, with long shoulder straps, this bag can adapt to young women's clothing choices.

In addition to the Evelyne III, the other famous Evelyn collection is Evelyne I. The name comes from the designer at that time (1978). This bag is a crossbody bag, and the shoulder strap can be overlapped to become a shoulder bag. The design is very simple without any external pocket.

Picotine Lock Bag

Picotine Bag

Picotine looks like a casual shopping bag. It does not have the great fame as Birkin or Kelly. The interior is very simple without any pocket or organizer, just outer leather, which greatly saves the cost, but also indicates that this bag belongs to daily use bag. In addition, to make up for the lack of simple interior, this bag has more color choices than other styles. With a silk scarf tied around the handle, it looks stylish and fashionable.

Lindy Bag

Lindy Bag

Lindy from spring/summer 2007 bag collection is a very functional handbag. Designed for a modern young customer, this handbag solves the contradiction between young users' need of more space when they go out and their reluctance to carry large bags. As the number of buyers increased, the Lindy bag grew larger and evolved into a specialized duffel bag for short trips. Equipped with adjustable shoulder straps, it can be used when the luggage is too heavy. The expanded rectangular space is enough to store travel supplies and clothes. Multiple pockets inside and outside the bag can be used to place various items, which is practical and intimate. The main material of this bag is Clemence Taurillon calfskin, which has good flexibility, tensile resistance and can retract under dry conditions. It is the ideal material for making this kind of bag. In addition, Lindy includes the largest size 45 for travel, which can meet travelers' needs.

Jypsiere Bag

Jypsiere Bag

Jean Paul Gaultier was Hermes' design director from 2003 to 2010. His ambition was reflected in many designs, including the gypsy style of his ready-to-wear collection and the addition of a Gypsy style to the Hermes bag family. Jypsiere is the name of the bag. The initial "J" is taken from Jean's name, making this bag his masterpiece.

Hermes Jypsiere Bag is derived from its national character. Gypsies are a people characterized by a wandering life and call themselves roma, also known as Bohemians. As a nation born to wander, they have a strong national character. They reject other cultures and changes, and keep their yearning for wandering and their innate romance.

The Hermes Jypsiere bag is designed as a compact shoulder bag, with the cover shaped like the cover of a Fanny pack for young Gypsies, and the joint between the shoulder strap and the bag designed to look like a belt strap coming out. The sides of the bag can be tightened to give a impression that there are many things inside, even if the bag is empty. The metal clasp follows the design of the Hermes Kelly bag, with staggered shoulder straps that make the whole bag looks elegant.

Bolide Bag

Bolide Bag

Bolide is said to be the first bag ever to have a zipper compartment in the brand's history (1923). Most luxury brands have similar design, such as Alma bag, Muse, Dolce & Gabbana's Miss Brigette Dome, etc. The original design in 1923, is still in production, without shoulder straps. The other four subsequent design are equipped with detachable straps.

Bolide handbag is featured with cute-round-curvy silhouette. It was originally used by working women for commuting, so the iconic logo was not emphasized, and the small padlock only used on the side. 

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